And Here they are now: "Color-Me-Cuties"!

The black dolls are Blue, Red, Pink and Violet.
Mel only had a sample of Veronica Violet when this page was constructed.
You are looking at the actual dolls that were in "The Box."
Click on any picture to see a larger one.

Color me Happy! There are some very neat things about the dolls. They really are incredibly good. The fabric that is to be colored with the markers is all Iridescent so the markers will look magic and iridescent too. Each color is themed... yellow is smiley faces, pink hearts, etc., and the themes are picked up on the patterns packages and display. The hair is fabulous.

When all is said and done, Fisher Price, Inside and Out, Has Done a Great Job! I LOVE EM' ALL! They captured the "look" exactly right, and they ARE "Alive", and that, in the end, is what matters most to me.

I don't know how many "Chances" I have left or how much time. So, I cherish this moment and I hope, Dear Friends, that you will like the Color-Me-Cuties, at least half as much as I do, and find a place for them in your collections and your hearts.

Good Lord! That sounds like I'm trying to sell them! That sentiment was intended to be honest and sincere. But, Don't Forget Walmart and Toys-R-Us! Just Kidding! ..... in mid-November!

Love, Mel


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