It’s a Small World

"Tiny Tots" was just the working title, for lack of something more exciting. Looking back now, "Tiny Toddlers" might have been better, because they were "tiny", and with the just slightest touch, they "toddled" right along. These miniature action figures had what we called "Magic Motion" a unique combination of mechanics and magnetics, that brought them magically to life.

Mattel was the first to see them. I was at my partner’s office a week later when a call came from the companies reining President, Jill Barrad. As we stood there watching Adam, smiling from ear to ear, ask her if she wanted to arrange an option. "No" she answered, "Let’s just go to contract". Hurray! she was buying them without the customary testing. In the game of Toy Inventing things don’t get much better!

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