The "Real Little Nursery", where everything is real and everything is little, might well have been my best concept ever, or at least the best to ever go astray. The idea was simple and basic, baby dolls that looked as "Real" as possible in the days before "newborns" were born, with accessories that looked and played like "Real" as well. The accessories would be exact duplicates of brand-name baby products, complete in every detail.

            And everything would be in a startling new size, large enough to have amazing detail, small enough for a child to hold in the palm of her hand.

         In order for this concept to work every detail needed to be perfect. The accessories had to be exact working models of their full sized, brand-name, counterparts in the real world. The toys would be by Fisher Price and Hasbro, the clothes by Osh Kosh, B' Gosh and Baby GAP.  Baby bottles would be by Playtex, and the Disposable diapers by Pampers, all packaged exactly like their life-sized originals, complete in every detail; they would even had a tiny price tag and a tiny price as well.

         The presentation was one of the most complete I had ever attempted. It even included packaging, which in this case, we considered all-important. If presented correctly, the dolls would look precious and amazing, but if packaged badly, they would look ordinary.  The packaging approach was to show a large close up of each doll’s face to reveal its lifelike detail, and contrast that to the surprising size of the actual doll itself, suspended jewel-like in the blister pack below.  One Accessory would be included, in this case a working “magic” bottle. Here is the original package. The doll in it is not the one intended, but it is the only one that has survived.
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