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The photos above were taken at Toyfair in New York. This was the first year that a Baby Face display was part of Toyfair. The following year the display was absolutely fabulous. This display was put together rather quickly in order to be part of Toyfair that year.

The battery in Mel's camera went dead, so Eunice used her little camera. She found these pictures recently, to Mel's surprise. He did not know they existed.



Mel Birnkrant is a collector and expert
on early Mickey Mouse comic characters.


Mel on the cover of
Americana magazine

Some of Mel's

Mel's Desk,
where Baby Face
was born.


Click on this picture of Eunice to see more of "her" part of the house.
Not all of it is decorated with Mickey Mice!!
Here, Eunice is wearing her "coat of many colors."

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