17. Chez Judy

Dear PrillyCharmin,

Thinking back about it, now, I wonder why we were invited! I'm sure the Alberts would rather have not had to meet us or show us anything! Not for any personal reasons, that's just the way it is! At Colorforms, I was the guy who had to please the hundreds of licensors we dealt with. Many of them were impossible! So I'm sure the Alberts hoped to see as little of Us, as possible!

So, Why were we there? Reflecting on it now, I think Saul Jodel must have insisted on it! Although, I was determined not to be Difficult or "make any waves"The Alberts had no way of knowing that, and they handled us with caution, I'm sure they still thought, later on, when waves did come, that I was stirring them up, which was not the case.

The "house" was perched on a raised piece of land, which is rare on Long Island. Through a nearby wooded area, one could see the Long Island Sound. There were quite a few cars parked outside. We entered on a lower level, which appeared to be a conference area, I could see through an adjoining door, what was obviously the workshop, with half a dozen or so young men and women working at drawing boards and sewing machines.

I can't recall who, met us at the door, but now, they led us along a hall, past a series of small rooms, that we were told were "Arthur and Judy's exercise, and bed rooms", I was surprised, as there were straw mats on the floors, and no furniture, only a low table, surrounded by cushions in one room and a futon on the floor of the "bedroom". It looked like the "set" from a production of "Madam Butterfly" Then we ascended to the main part of the house, which consisted of, more or less, a single enormous room, with a vaulted ceiling, that in my memory, has soared to three stories high. There were many couches and coffee tables scattered about, in individual groupings. And standing in the very center of the room, towering above it all, was a whimsical, welded metal "sculpture" of a "Life-size" Giraffe! The ambiance, was that of a Miami Beach Hotel Lobby!

I was struck by the color scheme, while, having accents that, to me, seemed consistent with the color pallet associated with the, then popular, TV show, "Miami Vice," the single color that dominated this room, and the entire house, as well, was what I would call, "Dusty Pink"! I assumed that the decor reflected Judy's taste, rather than that of any other member of the family!

Having come from an environment, where I am always surrounded by thousands of objects, that are not only, older than I am, but each, has a history and a story to tell, I could not help but be Struck by the fact that, this house, and everything in it appeared to be, brand New!

Arthur was somewhat aloof and did not seem impressed with us, but I thought Judy was great! She radiated ability, as far as I could see, and when It comes to spotting talent, I usually can see pretty far! She was a small and attractive woman, full of energy, and not shy about voicing her opinions. I admire that in a person, especially, when their opinions, happen to be "correct". The Alberts also had a son, "Ross". I could never quite figure out exactly how he fit into the picture, whether he worked "with", or "for" his parents. He seemed to operate in a very professional manner. I never did learn what his job profile was all about. I only know he seemed to get stuck with all the menial, and unattractive jobs, like, dealing with me!

The "lobby" was constructed on two levels. There was a raised section surrounded by a rail, and on this mezzanine, there was a table elegantly set with 12 places, for lunch. I was glad to note that there were chairs. Now, we met the design staff, who I had glimpsed, earlier. They joined us for a very pleasant meal, after which, we went downstairs to see the dolls!

Sorry… I couldn't resist keeping you in suspense a little longer! --Mel

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