How Baby Face Was Born

By Toy Inventor Mel Birnkrant as told to PrillyCharmin

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Inner Life of Baby Face
  3. Comic Characters, College & Eunice
  4. Starting Out in New York
  5. Kentucky Blue Grass
  6. Outer Space Men
  7. Colorforms
  8. Coleco & the Weenies
  9. On to Kiscom
  10. "Life" through Sculpting
  11. Contriving Baby Face
  12. Comic Characters Corner
  13. The First Baby Face
  14. Hair, Lashes, Clothing
  15. 1990 Toy Fair & Galoob
  16. The Alberts
  17. Chez Judy
  18. Outfits and the First Head
  19. Averting Disaster
  20. Learning Process
  21. A Week at Paramount
  22. Oh no! Not the Bodies, Too!
  23. Meanwhile, Back at Galoob...
  24. Boxes and Black Dolls
  25. Eye Trouble and Facial Expressions
  26. More Heads
    -- Special Addition to the Baby Face Story: Samantha
  27. More Heads & BF Babies
  28. Success for Baby Face but Not Galoob
  29. Magic Paint & Troubles at Galoob
  30. Why did Galoob stop making the Baby Face dolls?
  31. The Death of Baby Face
  32. Oodles & the Magic Diaper Babies
  33. Galoob Soils Their Diapers
  34. The Legacy of Baby Face

 Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of Baby Face and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) Kiscom, Birnkrant