22. Oh No! Not the Bodies Too!


The new heads worked out fine. The BODIES were another matter. A few weeks later the "First" and Alas, "Final" body Samples arrived! Here they were, molded in vinyl, jointed, and ready to go!



Ready to "go", in my opinion, into the Garbage! When I saw "them", [Perhaps I should say "it", as all the bodies are identical], the first words that popped into my head, and then out of my mouth were: "It Must Be Kentucky Blue Grass!"

The hands looked like mine, [and the kewpie's] But, as Ronald Reagan said in his most famous movie role, "What Happened to the Rest Of Me?" Did the guy who did this actually do this for a living? You can get a peek at Baby Face's Real Body in the opening seconds of my video tape.
(The video is available for download at

In my years at Colorforms one of the things I did, was spot errors and get them, as well as those, anyone else detected, "Fixed". They wanted their product to be as perfect as possible, If the flaws could be detected before the toy went into production, that was preferable. If we missed something, it would be corrected as soon as possible as a "Running Change" I guess, as I had gotten so involved with the heads, I assumed that Galoob and Judy too, would be interested in catching what was wrong with the bodies, before the flaws were duplicated on every one, of over a million dolls!

I even made a video pointing out what was wrong with the body and sent it to Judy, thinking I was being helpful! First of all my Body had fully sculpted feet, top end bottom, This one looked like it had walked a hundred miles on a treadmill with a belt made of sandpaper. I pointed out that a table stands firmly on four little points, it doesn't have to have a large flat area on the bottom, the same as on the top! Even if it wasn't "hit you in the face obvious", my body's cute little feet stood firmly on several points too! If there was something wrong with the Bottom of the Feet, There was something far worse, wrong with the bottom of the BOTTOM! Namely, she Didn't Have One!




That's why I made the tape, to demonstrate that when she sat, she had NOTHING to sit on, and in fact she was actually only balancing precariously on the high midpoints of the backs of her upper legs! And she could only do this if her body was tipped forward or her arms raised to act as counter weights! Even then one could "knock her over with a feather"!

And I found it, unforgivable, that they never made any attempt to correct the fact that, as I also, clearly demonstrated in the tape, One Leg Is, as much as, 1/4" Shorter Than the Other, Making it only possible for her to stand and balance, in One Position, rather than Many, as my bodies could do.

Last of all the neck was not rounded off properly, so rather than being able to hold a subtle variety of poses, the head wanted to "jump" or tip to the next "resting place". All of this made me as unpopular as I was Upset. I guess you can see I'm still upset even now!

Galoob never corrected the problems with the body!!!! Everyone was so concerned about capturing the "magic" of the Faces, How come they didn't give a darn what was going on from the neck down!

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