5. Kentucky Blue Grass

Dear PrillyCharmin,

I just went back and saved everything as you suggested. That was my first "save" . Yes, I am new to computers. And, before I forget, let me mention that "Sherri" is my Favorite Baby Face as well!

Harry and I ended up on the phone for hours every day. I was actually designing items only a few weeks a year and the rest of the time, I was reproducing them, packing, shipping, billing, and sweeping up, and cleaning the toilet (and all the nasty and menial jobs, I felt I couldn't ask the girls working for me to do.) Now Harry Challenged me to create "modern" toys. I could design and invent full time, and Colorforms would do the rest. And I would get royalties and "get rich". I never wanted to "get rich", but I did want to get Comic Character "Icons" and they were getting more expensive every day!

The first item I came up with was called "Scary Light" It was a hand held projector, something like a flash light, with a scull on the end. Lets face it, it Was a flash light! It was a simple optical gadget, but it produced the most realistic and frightening Ghosts, that shimmered and flew around the room, changing size. When they zoomed in and became enormous, the effect was quite startling.

Harry asked if I could sculpt the scull. I said "no way". So he hired a "professional" to do it. When I saw what the guy did, I was devastated! It was so Bad that the whole project was in jeopardy. I couldn't believe this guy did this for a living!

I hate when that happens! It's one of my pet peeves and also one of the great mysteries of life, how or why some people find themselves in a profession for which they have no aptitude! My favorite example of this was the TV service man, who unable to adjust my newly acquired colored television (getting it was a "big deal", back in 1967) -- the service man tried to "adjust my head" instead. The set would not display the color green. He maintained that maybe there was "nothing green" on TV at the time. When I pointed to what was obviously an area of lawn on the screen, he asserted that "It Must Be Kentucky Blue Grass!" I actually ended up purchasing the RCA service manual and adjusting the set myself.

So, as for the scary lights-- I said "I can't do it , but I can do better than that!" And I did! It was my first attempt at "sculpture" and like the very few that followed, including Baby Face, it was done more out of desperation than inspiration. I saw all those royalties and the comic toys I could buy with them, and our whole future, going up in smoke!

Then Harry hired a guy to design a package for the scary light, and it was "Kentucky Blue Grass Time" again! So once again I said I can't really design a package, but I sure can do better than that! And that's how I became a Toy Designer!

We're getting there, honest! More to follow best, Mel




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