Very Special Acknowledgements From Cyndy Stevens (PrillyCharmin)

I would like to express appreciation to Bernie Shine for finding my web site and alerting Mel Birnkrant about it, because it is Bernie who certainly set the forces in motion so that the Baby Face story has now been told. And what a fascinating story it is!!

Thank you, Sue Davis, for giving me such good advice as I worked on Mel's letters and helping me to have a steady head so I wouldn't mess up this wonderful opportunity! Thank you also for providing some of the page illustrations from your web site.

Thank you to Francine Stichman for allowing me to use so many of her own web site photos as page illustrations in the story. As always, all the BF collectors have been generous and helpful in any way they could be. If you click on individual pictures in the story, they will link you to the web site they came from.

I would like to acknowledge the Outer Space Men website for (unknowingly) providing some pictures of the aliens and Thank You for documenting the OSM project so very, very well. One day Mel may introduce himself and you will learn that a whole lot of fanatic doll collectors have been trooping over to your OSM site without your knowing about it. Somehow, that strikes me as hilarious.

Last but NOT Least!!!!! Many, many thanks to Mel Birnkrant for typing up all these emails with one finger and giving us such a detailed account of how Baby Face was born.

And Thank you, Mel, for having the vision of Baby Face to begin with! She has been such a joy to so many children and collectors. I do not think Mel understands how much pleasure and joy his work has given, or how much we appreciate him for it. One of the collectors has said that she regards Baby Face as the "best doll of the century" and I will agree with that completely and without hesitation. I have worked with thousands of dolls in the past three years and was not tempted to collect any until Baby Face Sherri came across my path. What a difference she has made in my life.

Thank you,
Mel Birnkrant,
with love from all of us who love
Baby Face!!

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