2. The Inner Life of Baby Face

Dear PrillyCharmin,

You would like to put the Baby Face story on the internet? OK! Lets give it a try! But unless you want to publish a "book", you'll have to do some extensive editing. Also It may take a while as typing is a slow process for me, and the subject is both very complex and very simple, depending on how deep one wants to go.

For starters, the article that my friend Bernie wrote is absolutely accurate. It was the result of the kind of joint effort you and I are embarking upon. And it tells the tale in as few words, and as close to the surface as possible.

But to answer some of the questions you have posed, such as why the dolls were terminated, and even how I came to sculpt the heads, which was never the "intention" on Anyone's part, it is necessary to take a longer route. After which the answers will be easy!

How deep do you want to go? The inner "life" of Baby Face is a subject so deep, that no one knows the questions, let alone, the answers. I know, that you know, exactly what I'm talking about. There's "Something" there, Something that, for at least a few, shines through the shrinkage and distortions of the manufacturing process, the "cheesy" outfits, and tacky hair, and all her shortcomings, to say to those willing and able to see it that Baby Face has a special spark that says, "I'm Alive! I have a Soul!"

I believe That I am No More Responsible For Baby Face than a Radio is for the Music one hears. I have NEVER experienced "Pride of Authorship" for Baby Face or anything else, on which, I have "Tried Very Hard to "Do MY Best" ! On the other hand, I do "toss stuff off" all the time, And I Do feel like that "Stuff" is "my work" . When I was "Creative Director" for Colorforms, for instance, I had to assume responsibility for 30 to 50 products a year! There was no time for "Soul Searching".

But when something is IMPORTANT, like restoring an antique toy, for instance, I "Communicate" with it. This isn't easy to verbalize, as the appropriate words don't exist. I'll "Ask" it what it "Wants" me to Do, Does it want to look new again? Or does it wish to retain the patina of age? What parts are missing? What did they look like? Does it wish to have them replaced? Etc. etc. And I "Listen" sometimes, very very hard, and sometimes, very long, and at other times I know in an instant, But long or short, sooner or later, it "Talks" to me, and Answers my questions, sometimes, all at once, and other times, hint by hint, a little at a time.

How did I sculpt the Baby Face dolls? I DIDN'T! They Did it Themselves! I merely "messed around" with the clay, or the Sculpy, or the wax, and I'm not going to tell you that they guided my hand, because they didn't. But they did "TELL" me WHAT to DO, and When they "LIKED" what I had done, And, When after a lot, or sometimes, just a little, pushing and poking around, that elusive "SPARK of LIFE", that I've become so attuned to recognizing in inanimate objects, FLICKERED and BURST FORTH.....That was their way of Telling me, When to "STOP"

And so I shall do now! With more to follow and Best Regards, Mel

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