This presentation of the Baby Face story began
with two visitors to PrillyCharmin's web site...

Dear Prilly,

I've only had a computer for a few months now, and while I did stumble over your web sight early on, I didn't yet know how to send an E-mail (or type) and was so blown away by all the awesome wonders of the Internet that I simply added it to the big picture of all the amazing things that awaited me, to be revisited later, and like all the other items that get added to my ever growing pile of "good intentions", I forgot all about it.

Until today, when my friend Bernie Shine, who wrote the article in Collectors Showcase, stumbled over your web site himself and E-mailed it to my attention! Before I forget again Please let me express my Compliments and Admiration for a Job Exquisitely Done! Your Web Site is not only Beautifully Designed and Presented, But it Radiates such Sincerity and Enthusiasm, that I find myself looking at Baby Face in a new light, and feeling humbled by the experience! I think you have Cut Through all the (forgive the expression) "crap" and see what these dolls Are (and what all dolls should be) All About!

It really is too bad that Baby Face did not continue, It certainly had the Potential to do so, But a combination of Good Luck, Bad Luck, Internal Politics, and Lack of Expertise and Imagination "did her in"! In the face of the modern toy industry's Obsession with novelty "Features", It's a Miracle that a doll that was "Nothing But a Doll" was ever produced, in the first place!

Like "Miracles" of old, which live on, only in the retelling Baby Face lives on as well, Thanks to you, your web site, and a handful of others like you! I'd like to add my own personal THANKS and, if I might be so presumptuous, that of "Baby Face," herself.

If there's anything you would like to know, about Baby Face, her "creation", or her demise, I'll be glad to share what I know about these matters with you. Of course, although she began right here, at and on the very work bench I'm sitting at right now, she was touched by many other hands in the process of being "born", some for better, some for worse. So I hardly know all there is to know about her! But if you wish, I'll gladly give you my read on "things" and fill in any blanks I can!

With more THANKS, COMPLIMENTS, and Best Regards, Mel Birnkrant


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