Friendz ní Family
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          FRIENDZ are Soft dolls with a unique Look and Pose-ability. American Girl and Cabbage Patch meet Winnie the Pooh!  FRIENDZ Dolls combine the Fashion Dress-Up, Stand-up, Pose-able play of a doll with the Friendship, Warmth and Companionship of a Teddy Bear. "FRIENDZ" dolls are not about being a mother or a teen. They are about being a KID, and having something every little girl wants: FRIENDZÖ BEST FRIENDZ, GIRL FRIENDZ, LOTS OF FRIENDZ.
               Here are the photos that along with the seven dolls themselves made up the original ďFriendz ní FamilyĒ presentation. There was also a Video tape with narration by yours truly that really was quite awful. Nonetheless, it was good enough to sell the concept to Hasbro.
This is Betty Brown,
And here is her brother Bobby
Together they are a Family.
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