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                Play Along proved frustrating to work with.  When they wanted something they wanted it “yesterday”. Everything was done in Hong Kong in a hurry. What they didn’t want was input, suggestions, and above all, questions. None of which were ever answered, like for instance: “What happened to the “Play Along Club”?” Did they drop it?  If so Why? The fact is, I don’t know to this very day.  There was never an explanation or any word of termination. I guess the answer is obvious: They just didn’t sell well enough to survive in a company that was pumping out Hanna Montana dolls by the millions.
               Quite by accident, a few photos came my way.  They show what Play Along was working on, for a future that will never happen. I will share them with you now.  I’m not sure I like everything they were doing, but it sure would have been better than nothing.
They called this photo “Emma Paige & Sophie Kate”
And this “Zoe Madison & Kyra”

And this is “Riley Rose & Olivia”
Here’s a group of dolls that they were working on.
And last of all, a new doll they called “Mackenzie Blake”
That’s all folks!  Best Regards, Mel