Friendz ní Family
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Going to the Dogs
                     Thinking things were moving right along at Hasbro; Mel had been working on Friendz friendly puppies. In fact, they were almost finished. All the latex parts were cast with lots of different tongues and faces. Like the rest of the Family, the puppies were intended to be, flocked latex with legs of soft jointed bendable velour.  The only photographs existing are of the first clay model.
               After struggling for three years with ďFriendz ní FamilyĒ, Hasbro returned it. They were ultimately unable to come up with a clever and instantly recognizable  merchandising angle. This is what the dolls looked like when they got back from Hasbro. Bobby was still missing.
Back from Hasbro
When Bobby was finally rescued Mel went back to the work again in an attempt to save his Friendz n Family.
This is what the dolls looked like when they were Bright and New and Ready to GO!